Ultrawide vs Dual Monitors: Which One Should You Buy?

So, your normal monitor is just not enough anymore, and your thinking of getting something better. However, your just not sure whether to buy a second monitor or to go with an ultrawide screen.

Don’t worry because just a few months ago I was thinking the same thing, and I have come up with a solution to solve your situation.

All in all, it comes down to personal preference, whether you want an ultrawide monitor or dual monitors. However, a dual monitor setup is more ideal for fps gamers who want to get the most performance out of their game, and ultrawide monitors are meant to be more professional for people like video editors. That way you have a wider screen making it more efficient to edit videos.

There are a few more factors that come into play when choosing the right monitor setup. So keep reading to find out which setup is best for you.

Single monitor setup

What is a Dual Monitor Setup

A Dual monitor setup is when your computer connects to two monitors instead of one. This allows the user to move applications between both monitors. Thus, creating more space and making your computing experience more convenient. When making a double monitor setup, the most common aspect ratio of each individual monitor is 16:9. This is the most common aspect ratio you will find when shopping for monitors. One thing to consider when thinking about upgrading to a dual monitor setup is space. This is because your monitor takes up a lot of space on your desk and some people might not be able to fit both, side by side.

double monitor setup with two different monitors

What is an Ultrawide Monitor

An Ultrawide monitor is a monitor with a very big, widescreen display. The ultrawide monitor has the same aspect ratio as a screen you would find at a movie theatre. The aspect ratio of an ultrawide monitor screen is 21:9, which is great for watching movies. Also, the ultrawide monitor takes up the same desk space as a regular single monitor screen.

Dual Monitor vs Ultrawide Monitor

Now that you know a little more about each monitor it is time to pick one. I will be explaining the Benefits of both dual monitor setups, and ultrawide monitor setups. That way you choose the monitor setup that is aimed more at your situation.

Why You Should Buy a Second Monitor

Although Ultrawide setups can look very cool. Using a second monitor can be very beneficial, especially if you’re a gamer. This is due to the size of the monitor. When you are playing really fast-paced games like call of duty. You want the best advantage you can get over the competition. That is why a smaller monitor is essential. As a result of having a smaller screen, you will be able to see your enemies and react faster. However, smaller isn’t always better. That’s why the most common monitor size is 16:9 which is ideal for the average person. In comparison, the ultrawide screen has an aspect ratio of 21:9. 

Another reason to buy a second monitor is if you already own a stand-alone monitor. By doing this you can save some money to put towards a better monitor with better quality and a higher refresh rate. This will give you a high-quality monitor for your main screen Then, you can use your old monitor as your second display to extend your screen length. Thus, saving you a lot of money, so you don’t have to buy two premium Monitors or one ultrawide monitor. With a dual monitor setup you will be able to get the best performance when playing a game, but at the same time have the extra space needed to do other tasks with your second screen.

The downsides to having a dual monitor setup are that you will have a gap in between your 2 monitor screens. You can reduce the gap by buying more premium monitor options. Then again, no matter what you do, you will always have a gap between two monitors.

Also, the aspect ratio of a normal monitor is not meant for normal video and movies. This can cause certain videos to have a black bar on the top and bottom of your screen to make it the proper aspect ratio.

Why You Should Buy an Ultrawide Monitor

The display on your ultrawide monitor is just like a smaller version of a screen at the movie theatre. This means that you will get a better experience from watching tv shows and movies because they were optimized for this exact display aspect. Also, Ultrawide monitors take up the same amount of desk space as your traditional monitor. Therefore you are using the same amount of space for essentially double your screen width. This is perfect for people with small desk spaces like myself because I can’t put 2 smaller monitors on the same desk.

Ultrawide monitor

Ultrawide monitors are better for more productive tasks like video and audio editing or anyone in the business scene. Rather than having the traditional double monitor setup, your ultrawide monitor can extend your screen space without having a space between your monitors. For some people having two monitors feels like you are accessing two computers at the same time. However, with the ultrawide monitor, you get that screen space without your monitor cutting off for a very smooth experience. 

A downside about the ultrawide display is when gaming your screen can be noticeable long and can ruin your gaming experience. On the other hand for more immersive, and slower games this ultrawide monitor might add to the immersion. Especially if it’s a curved screen.

Curved Vs Flat Monitor Screens

With the surge of new people buying computers the production of curved monitor screens has increased as well. Nowadays buying a curved monitor has been more affordable too. This is great for creators and gamers alike because a curved monitor screen adds more immersion to whatever you are doing.

What’s The Difference Between Curved and Flat Monitors

Curved monitors are still pretty new to the scene and are a great choice for anyone really. Compared to flat screens the curved monitor adds depth to your gaming experience. The curved monitor was made so you could view every area of your monitor at the same distance. Take a flat monitor for example. When you are looking directly at the screen, the middle of your screen is only about 30 inches away. However, the sides of your monitor will be about 32-35 inches away from you. This can cause people to think a certain object is further away than it actually is. 

On the other hand, curved monitors were built so that the user would be the same distance away from their screen no matter where they looked on their screen. You can find different curves in different monitors. Just know that the more curved the monitor is, the closer you will have to be to the screen for it to have full effect. That is way more modern movie theatres have curved screens. However, it is a slight curve, so it is not noticeable from far away.

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