RTX 4060 With a TGP of 115 watts

RTX 4060 Power Consumption: How Much Power Does The RTX 4060 Use?

With the new RTX 4060 being released we can see that Nvidia has taken a step back and focused on making a GPU with lower power usage.

This is a great sign for newer generation GPUs as over the past years power consumption has just skyrocketed.

RTX 4060 With a TGP of 115 watts

How Many Watts Does The RTX 4060 Use?

The Nvidia RTX 4060 has a power draw or TGP of 115 watts according to Nvdias website. When idle you can also expect to see the RTX 4060 to consume around 11 watts of power. While gaming the 4060 will consume around 125 watts.

When looking at the power draw of any GPU, the manufacturer provides a TGP or TDP of the base power and wattage that the GPU will use.

  • TGP means (Total Graphics Power)
  • TDP means (Thermal Design Power)

These can be used interchangeably as they mean the same thing when talking about graphics cards!

However, you should know that every GPU is different, and each one will have its own individual wattage, that’s why it’s good to look not only at the TGP of that specific model but also at the average power draw of the GPUs in certain tasks.

We will look at:

  • Idle Power Consumption
  • Multi-monitor power consumption
  • Media Playback
  • Gaming wattage
  • Peak Maximum Wattage
GPU ModelTGP/TDPAverage Power Consumption While GamingIdle Power ConsumptionMulti-Monitor UsageMedia PlaybackTransient Power Spikes
RX 7600165 Watts160 Watts2 Watts18 Watts27 Watts185 Watts
RTX 4060115 Watts125 Watts11 Watts17 Watts17 Watts200 Watts
RTX 3060170 Watts170 Watts8 Watts13 Watts15 Watts195 Watts
RTX 4060 Ti165 Watts152 Watts7 Watts12 Watts12-15 Watts170 Watts
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The RTX 4060 is a very good mid-tier budget GPU that is very power efficient. When you look at the chart above you can see that it has a TDP significantly lower than other GPUs in the same performance range.

When being compared to AMDs counterpart the RX 7600, you can see that the RTX 4060 beats it in almost every category except for idle GPU power consumption, but that isn’t a big deal.

Transient Power Spikes and GPU Safety

One thing you will need to watch out for with this GPU specifically is when the wattage spikes.

This is called a transient power spike, and if you don’t plan for this then it can damage either you GPU or PSU. (Which you don’t want to happen.)

Transient power strikes happen when there is a sudden surge in electrical power through your GPU.

Although these spikes are fairly uncommon there are multiple different scenerios where a power spike can occur, with overclocking, and running large applications being the most common for a graphics card like the RTX 4060.

When a transient power spike occurs you can expect your GPU to spike up to around 200 watts, which is 85 more than its advertised TDP.

Power Supply Units (PSUs) play a crucial role in safeguarding electronic devices from such erratic power fluctuations by incorporating various safety mechanisms. These may include surge protectors, voltage regulators, and filters designed to absorb or mitigate the excess energy and prevent it from reaching sensitive electronic components.

Furthermore, PSUs often feature over-voltage, under-voltage, and over-current protection circuits to ensure that the output power remains within safe operational limits.

The PSUs job is to protect your computer when these kind of things happen stopping potential damage, or data last. This will also help with the stability and longevity of your computer.

When looking at a GPU’s power consumption, you want to look at the TGP (Total Graphics Power) because this shows the maximum power draw you will usually get when using your GPU for intensive tasks such as gaming.

Power Supply Recommendations For The RTX 4060

EVGA 550

Nvidia recommends a 550-watt power supply for the RTX 4060. You want to always make sure you purchase a power supply that will have a slightly higher wattage than your whole PC needs not just your GPU alone.

For this reason, I would recommend the EVGA 550 BP, 80+ Bronze 550W.

The reason why I recommended this PSU from EVGA is because EVGA is a very reliable company when it comes to power supply units.

And having a reliable PSU is very important. Yes, you can cheap out and purchase from a third-party company, but you need to be careful when doing so because if your PSU gets damaged other parts of your computer can get damaged as well.

I am also recommending this one because it is 80 Plus Bronze rated. Although Gold is the best rating, you are probably on a tight budget if you are using a 4060 as your graphics card, so saving a little bit of money by going with a reliable Bronze-rated PSU is probably the best option.


EVGA 600 Watt Power Supply Recommended For The RTX 4060 GPU

For those of you using a more powerful CPU such as a Ryzen 7 or Intel Core i7 I would recommend getting a PSU that supports 600 watts because although your GPU has a lower TDP, these higher end CPUs will use the extra power you saved with your GPU.

Once again I chose EVGA because it is a company that I trust and you won’t have very many technical issues with this PSU.

EVGA SuperNova

EVGA SuperNova PSU 80Plus Gold certified recommended for the RTX 4060 GPU

If you are someone who wants a top tier power supply unit, then the EVGA SuperNova is right up your alley.

The EVGA SuperNova is a 550 watt PSU that is fully modular and 80 Plus Certified. Once again coming from EVGA this PSU has some of the best safety, and power efficiency with 90% (115VAC) / 92% (220VAC~240VAC) efficiency or higher under typical loads.

This means that even though you are paying a bit more than the other options listed above, you will save more on your power bill.

On top of that the EVGA SuperNova comes with a 7 year warranty.

Why is Your Power Supply So Important?

The reason why your power supply is so important is because it is what powers your whole system. Without the PSU your computer wouldn’t be able to function.

This is also why it is very important to pick a reliable PSU that won’t break down. If something happens with your electricity it can spike all the hardware in your computer. When you are using a reliable power supply, it will protect the rest of your PC from being short circuited.

If you don’t believe me let me just tell you a story of something that happened to me.

When I built my first PC, I didn’t see the importance in needing to buy a super reliable PSU, so I purchased the cheapest one I could find.

How did this end up?

Not too good…

The power supply broke and I was left with a computer that didn’t function for 6 months. I am just glad the PSU didn’t break any other components in my system.

When looking for a reliable power supply you should always look at the rating and the brand you are buying from. Here is an article that explains how power supply ratings work.

RTX 4060 Power Consumption FAQ

Significance of TGP and TDP in GPU Performance

TGP (Total Graphics Power) and TDP (Thermal Design Power) are vital metrics indicating the maximum power a GPU can consume and the heat generated, respectively. These figures are crucial for understanding the GPU’s performance, energy efficiency, and thermal management, ensuring optimal operation and longevity of the device.

How Does RTX 4060 Stack Up Against Older Models in Saving Power?

The RTX 4060 is like the energy-saving bulb of the GPU world! With a power usage (TGP) of 115 watts, it gives us strong performance without guzzling down electricity. It’s a solid choice for folks wanting great graphics power without hiking up the electricity bill too much.

Can Power Spikes Harm My Computer?

Yes, sudden jumps in power, or “transient power spikes,” can be a real headache, potentially harming our PC parts and causing system hiccups. That’s why having a good PSU (Power Supply Unit) and cooling system is like having a safety net, keeping our PC safe and steady even when power gets a bit jumpy.

Can I Make RTX 4060 Use Power More Efficiently When Gaming?

Yep! Tweaking settings in our games and using features from NVIDIA, like DLSS (which smartly boosts game performance), can help our RTX 4060 run games beautifully while being economical with power. It’s all about finding that sweet spot between stunning visuals and not wasting energy.

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