Looking for the Best possible Ram for Your Pc?

Finding the right RAM/memory for you setup, is a key component in making your computer run fast and smooth. Whether you are playing the newest triple A game, or use multiple tabs, and programs at the same time. A good set of DDR4 Memory sticks (RAM) is crucial for any gaming rig, and/or work system. When deciding to make a purchase of RAM for your computer, their are a few main things you should keep in mind. These things are the size (GB), speed (MHz), and dual channel mode.

What is RAM/Memory?

RAM is the short form for Random access memory, and can also go by system memory. It is essential for any device whether it is a phone, computer, tablet, etc to have RAM. If not, this can result in your device being very slow. When your system is short on memory applications may slow down, or even stop working. This is because your device does not have enough short term memory. Your RAM does not store information, it just gathers it as fast as it can and forgets about it when you are finished with it. Rather than your typical SSD or Hard Drive that stores everything.

How much RAM/Memory does your computer need?

Knowing how much memory your computer needs is very important. This is because if your computer doesn’t have enough memory your computer will not run properly. The recommended amount of memory your computer needs is about 16 GB. However if that is out of your price range 8 GB will do just fine. Anything under that would be slow down your pc way too much.

It is possible to run your computer with 4 GB. However you would only be able to complete simple tasks like doing things on your browser. Also keep in mind that going overboard on the amount of memory you buy is not worth it. This is essentially a waste of money. This is because if you never use more than 16 GB of memory then the extra RAM will never be used. Also, it will not increase your performance buying more memory than you need. So, just know that the sweet spot for your system will typically be 16 GB more or less.

How fast should your RAM be?

Knowing how fast your RAM should be changes between person to person. Your RAM speed is determined by two factors. These factors are the MHz (Megahertz), and CAS Latency or CL, the most important being the MHz.

Basically MHz determines how many Clock Cycles your computer goes through per second. That means, 4000 MHz RAM would do 4 billion clock cycles every second. This is important because RAM gets information from your processor. Then, has to move it or get rid of it to other components. So, the faster it does that, the faster your computer will be. Which means you will get more FPS in game.

So does that mean you should go out and buy the fastest RAM you can buy? Not necessarily. This is because RAM that’s advertised over 2400 MHz is overclocked by the company that made it. So, if you are not interested in overclocking then buying faster RAM is just wasting your money.

Another factor is if you are deciding to buy high speed 8 GB of RAM, instead of lower speed 16 GB of RAM it is also, not worth it. This is because if your RAM is getting more data then it can hold. Then, your high speed memory does not matter at all. Now, even if all these factors are met and you are still looking to save some money while having a high performance PC should you buy it? It still depends, but I would recommend you save your money by buying the lower MHz memory. Then, you can use the money to go to a better Graphics Card or CPU.

Dual Channel Mode.

What is dual channel mode? Dual channel mode, or even quad channel mode, is when your memory sticks work together and split the task in half. Thus making your pc run faster. This is because your CPU doesn’t have to bottleneck information while your memory is completing a task. Think of Ram like a highway. The more lanes a highway has the less traffic their is, and the faster your car can go. The less lanes a highway has the more traffic their is, and the slower you will go. So the more channels your RAM has the less traffic their will be in your system. This will allow you to play your game at a higher FPS.

Lucas Coulson

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