Is PCPartPicker Reliable?

PCPartPicker is one of the most popular websites for building your computer. It allows you to compare different computer components together to check their performance and compatibility. PcPartPicker is recommended to many people who are first starting out building their first computer.

However, behind all of this hype is PCPartPicker reliable?

PcPartPicker is very reliable. Almost everyone in the Pc building community used PcPartPicker sometime in their life. This website allows you to build a computer online and check the compatibility between each component. Once your PC is built it will try to find you the best deal on the part you are looking to buy.

Can You Trust PcPartPicker’s Compatibility

For the most part, PcPartPickers compatibility comparison is accurate more times than not. Now of course there are sometimes errors in the compatibility where two components are actually compatible, but on the site, they say they aren’t. Usually, when one of these issues comes up they are reported and fixed right away.

From personal use with this computer building website, I have never experienced any compatibility issues as I have used this website to create dozens of computers online to check the prices and performance of whatever computer I want to build next.

How Do You Use PcPartPicker?

If you are building a PC for the first time and want to make sure your components are compatible with each other most people will recommend using PcPartPicker.

This website is very user-friendly and it is very easy to get started. All you need to do is go to the website and sign up for an account.

Showing the home screen and where you can create an account

You actually don’t even need an account to use the website as I have sometimes gone on there just to check a few things about a new computer build I wanted to make without signing into an account.

However, making an account with PcPartPicker can be very beneficial as you can save different Pc builds that you can come back to at a later time.

Once you have created an account click on the PC Builder button and it will bring you to a screen where you can start looking for parts and start building your computer.

It gives you the standard component categories that you need to build your computer, but you can add more if you need any extra accessories such as headphones, mice, or Windows OS.

Showing the PC Builder page

Once you select the computer component you want to use you will be able to scroll through and look for a variety of brands and models of the certain component that you want, or if you already know specifically what you want then you can go and search for it in the top right corner.

Almost every component is featured on PcPartPicker, but I have found that sometimes they don’t have the exact brand or model that you are looking for.

If this is the case pick a similar model or brand and you can still use that to view the compatibility of the PC you are building on the site.

Showing the different options of CPUs in the CPU selection page

Once you are done picking out all of your parts it will give you the total cost of your computer. Depending on what country you are in you might have to change the location as it will default to USA prices, but you are able to change the country in PcPartPicker so that you can view the total amount in your country’s currency.

For every component, it will give you the option to buy the part at many different major retailers such as Amazon, or Newegg.

If you are looking for the cheapest option it will already recommend you to the store with the best deal. However, if you have a preference of where you want to buy your components from you can easily change that by selecting the stores you want and checking the prices manually from PcPartPicker.

Now, you have built your computer with PcPartPicker. you can save your build and post it so other people can view what kind of computer you built.

If you have any questions the website offers a fairly active forums page for you to use.


Does PcPartPicker Have an App?

No, PcPartPicker does not have an app that you can download and they don’t seem like they are very interested in making one either. However, if you want to use PcPartPicker on your phone, then you can just go to their website as their website is very mobile-friendly and you will get the same features as if you were using it on your desktop computer.

When Was PcPartPicker Made?

PcPartPicker was created in 2011 by Philip Carmichael. The goal of this website was to help people find compatible computer parts that they can use to build their own custom PC.

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