How To Enable Quad-Channel Memory

The number of channels you use with your RAM is very important for performance. Using multiple channels with your RAM will increase performance, and prevent stuttering, and bottlenecking issues that have to do with your RAM.

quad-channel memory RAM

Most motherboards can access single-channel, dual-channel, and quad-channel modes if the RAM sticks are installed properly.

So, how do you enable quad-channel memory on your motherboard?

You first need to ensure that both your motherboard and CPU support quad-channel mode on your PC. Next, you need to purchase the same set of 4 RAM sticks that will plug into 4 memory channels. Then you will need to plug them into the right channels to enable quad-channel mode.

You might be wondering which slots to put your RAM in, or how to know if your computer is compatible with quad-channel memory.

That’s why I am going to go in-depth on how to do it properly, so keep reading.

How To Enable Quad Channel Memory on Your Motherboard?

Enabling quad-channel memory on your motherboard is usually a very easy process, once you understand how it works and how to do it, which is what we are going to show you today.

1. Motherboard Supports Quad-Channel Memory

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you get a motherboard or have one that supports quad-channel mode.

Most motherboards support dual-channel mode, but when we are talking about using quad channels it might be a little more challenging to find one.

For most of you, a generic gaming motherboard probably doesn’t support quad-channel memory, so you would need to look into a more high-tier gaming board, or even a workstation motherboard if it fits your budget.

If you are not sure whether your motherboard of choice supports quad-channel mode, then you need to go onto the manufactures website and check out the motherboard’s manual.

Even if your motherboard has 4 slots for 4 sticks of RAM that does not mean it will support quad-channel memory.

2. Install RAM Properly

Next, you need to understand how to install the RAM. Most motherboards come with 4 slots, which means there are only 4 places to install your RAM. If that motherboard supports 4-channel memory, then you are good to go.

However, higher-end motherboard models might have 6 or even 8 slots for you to install your RAM sticks.

Installing RAM into quad-channel mode properly

If this is your situation, then you can either look at the motherboard because most likely the DIMM slots are color-coded, and you just need to install the RAM with the coordinated colors.

However, some motherboard models will come with all DIMM slots with the same color orientation. I.E, all black, all red, all grey, etc.

If that’s the case then you will need to go back to the motherboard manual and figure out how you can install your RAM in quad-channel mode.

More likely than not you will need to install your RAM in an alternate pattern.

3. Does Your CPU Support it?

You should also make sure your CPU supports it. Some CPUs won’t benefit from your computer using quad-channel memory. If that’s the case then there is no point in using it.

So, it is best to look at your CPU to see if it can actually benefit from using 4 channels.

If you are using AMD Ryzen series CPUs, then most likely you will benefit from the extra channels, and it will slightly improve your performance.

However, the CPUs that will benefit the most from quad-channel mode will be your workstation CPUs, like the Xeon processor, or AMD’s Threadripper.

4. Verify Quad-Channel Mode is On.

The last thing you need to do is to verify that quad-channel mode is on and working on your computer.

To do this you can use CPU-Z.

CPU-Z is a program that allows you to monitor your CPU and computer’s performance and specs, to make sure that there are no issues going on in the background.

Check the channel number sections under the memory tab and if it says “quad” then you are all good to go.

If it doesn’t you might need to unplug and replug your RAM sticks in order to enable it.

Does Quad Channel Memory Improve Performance?

Quad channel mode can improve performance a little bit if you are talking about gaming. However, the benefits of quad-channel memory are more targeted toward workstation CPUs and computers.

The reason why quad-channel memory improves performance is that it splits the tasks up into 4 different channels. One for each stick of RAM.

However, most games don’t even really support this feature, and even if they do it doesn’t help that much. The most benefit you will see from quad-channel memory is loading times and things outside of gaming. it will not increase your FPS.


Enabling quad-channel memory on your computer is very straightforward. Just remember to check if your motherboard and CPU are compatible.

Another thing to take away from this article is that if you really need quad-channel memory that bad. If you are only using your computer to play games, then it might not be worth the hassle to upgrade to quad channel and you will be better off just using dual-channel mode. However, if you are looking to do more than just gaming, then quad-channel mode might benefit you.

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