Does The SATA Cable You Use Matter?

SATA cables are mainly used to connect your SSD or HDD to your system so you have storage. If you are trying to get the maximum efficiency out of your computer it can lead you to a few questions.

Does the SATA cable you use affect performance? Is there a difference if I buy a SATA cable from a name brand company or just some random one?

Variety of SATA cables from each generation

There are 3 different generations of the SATA cable. Each one doubles the last generation in speed. Using a SATA 3 cable will give you the best performance, as it has a transfer speed of 6.0 Gbps. It doesn’t matter where you buy the SATA cable as long as it is SATA 3.

Does It Matter What SATA Cable You Use?

For most people, it doesn’t really matter what SATA cable you use because the transfer speed of the cable isn’t that noticeable, but if you are looking for the highest performance you should opt for a SATA 3 cable as this is the latest version of SATA.

There are 3 different versions of the SATA cable.

  • SATA 1
  • SATA 2
  • SATA 3

Each generation of SATA doubles the speed of the last generation making it faster and a more viable option.

SATA 1 is the first generation SATA cable made in 2000 it has a transfer speed of 1.5 Gbps or 187.5 MBps.

Next, you have SATA 2 which is the second generation of SATA made in 2004. The SATA 2 cable doubles the speed of the SATA 1 cable coming in at a transfer speed of 3.0 Gbps or 375 MBps.

Finally, you have the most recent version of SATA, the SATA 3 cable. Released in 2009 the SATA 3 cable is the fastest out of the 3 cables coming in at 6.0 Gbps or 750 Mbps.

If you are looking for speed and efficiency you should get your hands on the SATA 3 cable.

Although this is very easy due to the other two versions being discontinued because there is no need for them anymore. You should double-check what version you are buying before you make the purchase.

Next, if you are wondering if the brand of the SATA cable matters then no need to worry because it doesn’t.

As long as you buy a SATA 3 cable it doesn’t matter where you buy it you will get the same performance from it.

There is no difference between the cheap SATA 3 cables from Amazon and the ones you can buy from big computer companies such as Crucial. As long as you have a SATA cable you will be just fine.

Does Your Motherboard Support Your SATA Cable?

All modern motherboards manufactured in the past 10 years will have support for SATA 3 cables so there is no need to worry there. Even most older motherboards will have support for it as well.

If you do happen to have a SATA 2 cable and plug it into your motherboard, it will still work just fine. The only difference that you will see is that the transfer speed will be the transfer speed of the SATA 2 cable even though the motherboard supports the speeds of SATA 3.

The same goes for the other way around. If your motherboard only supports SATA 2, but you are using a SATA 3 cable. It will still be compatible you will just have access to the SATA 2 speeds.

Does It Matter What SATA Port You Use?

In some instances yes, it does matter what SATA port you use on your motherboard, especially if you have an older motherboard.

If you have an older motherboard it is most likely that it has both SATA 2 and SATA 3 ports. If you are using SATA 3 cables you want to make sure you plug them into the SATA 3 port on the motherboard.

To tell which SATA port is which, you have to either look at the motherboard manual to figure out where it is or it can be determined by the color of the port.

Most of the time SATA 2 ports will be colored blue and SATA 3 ports will be covered white. However, this is not true for all motherboard models as a lot of the brands like to color them their own colors or make them the same color.

If the manufacturer changes the color of the ports or makes them the same color then there is usually some text either below the port or beside it that tells you the version of SATA it supports.

This can take some time and you might need good eyes as the test is usually very small if you are still unsure just check the motherboard manual.

Does The SATA Port on the SSD or HDD Make a Difference?

The SATA port on your SSD or HDD does make a difference as most SSDs are supposed to be connected to a SATA 3 cable so that they can get the maximum performance out of it.

However, these ports on your storage devices are backward compatible, so if you really don’t have a SATA 3 cable you will be just fine. You will just be experiencing slower speeds with your storage devices.

Showing the back of the SSD and HDD where the SATA ports are located

When connecting to a normal hard drive or HDD. It usually doesn’t matter what SATA cable you use. Even if the hard drive has a SATA 3 port on it the max speed of a hard drive can only be so much, around 200 MBps meaning that even if you plug a SATA 3 cable into the HDD you will be getting the same speed as plugging a SATA 2 cable into the same hard drive.

Your Motherboard Can Disable SATA Ports

Certain motherboards tend to share their SATA connections with other ports in the motherboard.

Most commonly the M.2 drive. The M.2 drive is also mainly used for SSDs and storage devices so it kind of makes sense.

If you decide to use an M.2 port there is a possibility of it disabling a SATA port that is using the same connection as the M.2 drive.

This normally isn’t a big deal though because if you are using the m.2 drive you most likely don’t need the SATA port because that’s where your SSD is plugged into.

The problem arises when people use multiple storage devices for their PC, making it quite a chore to figure out which port will work and which ones won’t.

You can check the motherboard manual or go to the manufacturer’s website to see if certain ports are connected to each other and which ones get disconnected when you plug other ones in.

This can be an annoying inconvenience, but something you might have to do.

Most people won’t fall into this problem as it is fairly uncommon for this to happen, but if this is you at least now, you know what to do.


Do The HDD and SSD Use The Same Cables?

Yes, the cables are exactly the same for both an HDD and an SSD. However, you will get a greater benefit from using a SATA 3 cable with an SSD instead of an HDD, but if they are both plugged in they will both function perfectly.

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