Does a Computer Work Without a Graphics Card?

When building a computer one part that always comes to mind is a graphics card, but with how expensive the price of a good graphics card is these days, and if you aren’t looking to use your computer for gaming.

Then you might be wondering. Do I need a graphics card in order for my PC to work?

A computer does not need a graphics card to work, but if you are using a computer for personal use then you need a way to load graphics onto your screen. This can be done with an IGPU. An IGPU is a CPU with integrated graphics. Allowing your PC to display graphics and run even without a graphics card.

RTX 3080 graphics card

In technical terms, a “computer” doesn’t need any type of onboard graphics in order to run, but these types of computers are used as servers.

The type of computer you are probably looking to buy or build is going to be used for personal reasons such as web surfing, work, or school.

These types of computers need some sort of onboard graphics in order to function, which can come in the form of Integrated graphics.

Integrated graphics is your typical CPU that has a built-in GPU that works together to both help your computer function and display graphics on your screen.

Here is an article I wrote on How Integrated graphics work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can your startup your PC without a GPU?

In most cases yes, you can start up your PC without a GPU, but you won’t be able to see a display so it will just be a black screen.

You should also note that some motherboards won’t allow your pc to startup if you don’t have any sort of GPU built into your system.

Can You Play Games Without a Dedicated Graphics Card?

You will be able to play games without a dedicated graphics card plugged into your PC.

That is only if your CPU supports dedicated graphics. Your computer needs a way to display the game you want to play on your screen and if it doesn’t have any type of onboard graphics it won’t work.

The solution to this is to buy a CPU with integrated graphics as it will allow you to play games and surf the web on your PC.

The downfall to this is that integrated graphics aren’t very powerful and that means you won’t be able to play very high-demanding games, and if you are then you will have to play on very low graphics settings, which ruins the experience of gaming.

Here is an article that talks about The Difference Between Dedicated Graphics Cards and Integrated Graphics.

Do I Need a Graphics Card If I Don’t Play Games?

No, you do not need a graphics card if you don’t play games as a CPU that supports integrated graphics will work just fine, and you will be able to do anything you want just fine.

Having a good graphics card only matters if you are planning on doing a lot of gaming with your PC.

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