Do You Need an SSD For a Gaming PC?

Having good storage for your gaming PC is essential, especially because there are hundreds of games out there and many modern games take up a lot of storage. SSDs are becoming the new storage craze of the century, but do you really need an SSD for a gaming PC?

SSD Inside Gaming PC

You do not need an SSD for a gaming PC, but you will benefit from one. An SSD allows for your OS, and games to start up faster. They can give you a slight performance boost for certain aspects of a game. however, as long as you have a storage device you won’t need an SSD for your gaming PC.

We will go through how an SSD works and how it can benefit you if you use one inside of your gaming PC. This will help you understand why the SSD is better than a hard drive and why you should use it.

How Does an SSD Benefit a Gaming PC?

There are a few benefits you can get when using an SSD for gaming.

Faster Loading Times

Due to the nature of an SSD, it can access your computer’s data a lot faster than your normal hard drive can.

For that reason, it can load games way faster on startup than your hard drive can.

The reason for this is that the hard drive is a moving disk that has to reposition and load up the data only as fast as it can spin.

However, with an SSD it instantly brings up the game’s files and loads it directly onto your computer. Not only that but downloading your Windows OS onto your SSD will allow you to startup Windows faster so that you can spend more time playing games and talking on Discord.

Less Noise

Next, is that the SSD doesn’t make very much noise. This makes it perfect for those gaming rigs that are completely silent.

No one wants a loud PC so having an SSD as your storage device is essential for anyone who tries to game in a quiet space.

The reason why the SSD is so silent is that it does not have any moving parts in it. That way you won’t have to hear the noise of the fan or scratching of something moving as a normal hard drive does.

It won’t Overheat

Moving on, the SSD won’t overheat because it doesn’t have any moving parts. This allows it to keep working at extremely fast speeds with no issues.

Most parts inside of your PC have moving parts such as fans and motors that cause them to heat up, and for that their performance level is always changing.

This is something you don’t have to worry about with an SSD

Smoother Gameplay

Due to games performing hundreds and even thousands of read and write tasks for everything going on in your game. The amount of data that is taken out and transferred back and forth from your computer to the game you are playing is a lot.

This can take up a few hundred megabytes of storage every couple of minutes.

If your hard drive isn’t fast enough then it can cause “hitching” on your computer.

you can tell if your computer is hitching when the game on your screen is glitching or delayed.

2 Gaming SSDs

This is because your hard drive can’t keep up.

With an SSD however, you won’t experience this as the SSD is fast enough to keep up with your game, GPU, and RAM that transfer the data in and out of your SSD.

The results of this turn into smoother and faster gameplay.

What Size SSD Do You Need For a Gaming PC?

If you are looking for an SSD for your PC there are a few things to consider.

First, is the amount of storage you will need.

Second, is the amount of money you want to spend.

In an ideal world, you want about 1-2TB of storage to be on the safe side, but that can be extremely expensive when we are talking about SSD storage.

If your situation is money there is a little trick you can do so that you can get the performance of an SSD, but the storage of a normal hard drive.

What you can do is purchase a 1TB hard drive that you can use to download your OS and other extra files.

Then buy a 250GB or 500GB SSD that you specifically use to download and play games on.

1 TB SSD in Gaming PC

This is what I’ve done for years it works wonders.

The only issue with doing this is that when you turn on your computer it can take some time to load, but the applications that are on your SSD will load up in no time.

However, if you are able to afford I would try to buy at least a 1TB SSD so that you can download most of your files, OS, and all your games so that you can get the fastest speeds and loading times possible.

Do Games Run Better on an SSD?

If you install games onto your SSD you will experience faster boot times than booting them up on a traditional hard drive.

The game’s performance normally relies on the power of the CPU, GPU, and RAM, but the SSD can help a little bit.

The SSD helps by getting information from the RAM to the game. Your RAM is usually good at getting this information on its own. However, when it can’t get it on its own it will have to look for it in your hard drive or SSD.

This rarely happens, but when it does you can experience a slow down in your gaming experience.

Here is an article that talks about How RAM Improve Gaming Performance.


Will an SSD Increase FPS?

Getting an SSD unfortunately does not increase your FPS, but will help will loading times and certain aspects in games where the RAM and GPU need to pull information from your storage device.

Is 256GB SSD Enough?

256GB of SSD storage is enough for people who only play a select amount of games that don’t take up that much space. A 256GB SSD is primarily used for people who need extra storage for specific games and other applications, but already have a larger storage device that stores their OS and other not important files on it.

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