Do You Need a MousePad For Gaming?

When it comes to buying a mousepad for your gaming mouse and computer it is often overlooked as something you don’t really need. In reality, mousepads are very beneficial for the performance and longevity of your gaming setup.

Why do you need a mousepad for gaming?

Using a mousepad

A mousepad provides the perfect surface for your mouse allowing it to glide very smoothly as well as having just enough friction to give you a better feel for your mouse making you more accurate. Mousepads also prevent you from scrapping your desk and mouse increasing their lifespan.

Mousepads make your gaming experience a lot better. Next, we will go through the benefits of using a mousepad for gaming.

Benefits of a Mousepad

There are a few benefits you get when you use a mousepad. Some help with the longevity of your gaming setup, while others can give you a competitive advantage. Here are a few benefits of using a mousepad

1. Increases Lifespan

using a mousepad can increase the lifespan of both your mouse and your desk. When you don’t use a mousepad you start scrapping two hard surfaces together. In doing this they will both start to scratch each other’s surfaces and cause damage.

At the moment it might not seem like a lot, but over a long period of time, you can see the damage it can do.

For the longest time, I never used a mousepad. Now I have missing paint and chips on my desk where I used to use my mouse.

I also have many scratches on my gaming mouse.

Over a long period of time, these scrapes and scratches can turn into bits and pieces that can break off of your desk and mousepad. Although this is an extreme scenario it can happen.

2. Better Accuracy

Having a mousepad gives both you the user better accuracy and the mouse itself better accuracy.

The friction on the mousepad gives you a better feel for how far you need to move your mouse. The mousepad makes your movements more consistent and as you get used to the feel of your mousepad you will become more accurate.

When you are not using a mousepad the surface can have many different bumps and scratches that make the surface inconsistent. This will make you less accurate.

Not only that, but the mousepad allows for better tracking with your mouse sensor.

Depending on what material your deck is made out of it can be hard for your mouse to pick up that it is moving. Especially if the surface is very smooth and hard.

When you are on your desk you might experience times where you’re moving your mouse but your cursor isn’t moving on the screen this is due to your mouse sensor not picking up movement.

However, with a mousepad, this won’t happen.

3. Comfortable

When I didn’t have a mousepad I found that because the edge of my desk was really sharp, after long gaming sessions I would have the edge of the desk imprinted on my forearms, which was uncomfortable and sometimes hurt a little bit.

For this reason, I decided to purchase a desk mat, which is a mousepad that covers your whole desk.

After that, I had no more problems with the edge of my desk giving discomfort and the mousepad was actually very comfortable.

4. More Variety

The next benefit you have is that you can get more variety of the surfaces you can play on. There are many different types of mousepads that are all made out of different materials, sizes, and densities.

For this reason, it is actually good to experiment with different types of mousepads until you find a specific brand, size, or material that you enjoy using.

Do You Need a Large Mousepad?

No, you do not need a large mousepad. The mousepad you use really just preferences to what you will. However, there can be a few different advantages to using a large mousepad.

Large Gaming Mousepad

The first is that your whole setup will be level with each other. With a smaller mousepad, your right arm will be raised a little bit, although this really isn’t a big deal.

Next, a large mousepad is better for people who use lower sensitivity. If you play video games with low sensitivity then you will want to have a large mousepad that way you won’t have to worry about re-adjusting your mouse and you won’t have to worry about your mouse leaving your mousepad because it is so big.

Larger mousepads can be more expensive, but they are worth it for certain people. I know that I use a very large mousepad and some benefits I’ve seen from it was more flexibility of where I can move my mouse, better comfort, and it looks really good with my setup.

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