Are Macbooks Really Worth it?

Macbooks are one of Apple’s leading products aside from their smartphones, but there are just so many different laptops to choose from so are Macbooks really worth it?

Using a Macbook Air for school

Macbooks are worth it if you’re already working with Apple products such as the iPhone because it comes with many cross-compatible features that will make your life easier. Macbooks are very reliable and have high-end components. If you want a laptop for work and productivity a Macbook will be a good option.

Macbooks are great for productivity, school, and work. If you are looking to buy a laptop for one of these three things a Macbook is a great choice and you won’t be disappointed. The only downfall to a Macbook is its gaming compatibility, but we will get into that a little bit later.

Are Macbooks Worth It For Students?

MacBooks are worth it for students because of the features and productivity you will get out of a Macbook.

First, Macbooks have a really fast startup. Being faster than most other laptops from my experience. When you boot up your Macbook you are able to log in and get started on any work immediately. With other Laptop brands, you are met with a loading screen that takes a while for your laptop to turn on even with some of the fastest laptops.

Student Using Macbook for school work

It’s either the laptop itself that is slow or it’s just because the Windows operating system takes a lot of time to startup.

With a Mac, the Mac OS is very fast at loading and will start up almost immediately after being turned on.

Another thing is the compatibility features, especially with the iPhone and other Apple products.

With a Macbook you will easily be able to transfer files, photos, and anything else from your iPhone to your Macbook in a matter of seconds through Airdrop.

No other laptop or phone brand has the same compatibility with Airdrop. transferring files on a Windows laptop can take hours, but with a Macbook your can transfer those same files only in a matter of seconds.

Another feature is that because you are using another Apple product you are able to connect your Apple IDs and have things like your contacts, photos, messages, and apps instantly connected and synced right into your Macbook.

Everything is saved on the ICloud which is connected to your Apple ID, so whatever you save on your phone goes to your Macbook.

Pros and Cons of a Macbook vs a Laptop

There are many good things about the Macbook which is better than most laptops. I will now go through a list of pros and cons that the Macbook has and compare it to other laptops around the same performance level, and I will go in-depth on each one of the pros and cons.


  • Very good battery life
  • Screen Resolution
  • Microphone
  • Cross-compatible
  • Reliable
  • Anti-Virus
  • Good OS (Operating System)
  • Included Apps


  • Gaming
  • Price
  • Specs

Macbooks Battery Life

Compared to other Laptop brands the Macbook is known for having a really good battery lifespan, as you won’t have to charge it for days if you use your laptop moderately.

The Macbook Pro 16″ has a battery life of around 14 – 21 hours depending on what you are using it for.

Then you have a laptop like the Asus Rog Strix Scar 15 which cost about the same as the Macbook Pro and it only lasts for a little under 4 hours.

As you can see the Macbook Pro’s battery life lasts more than 4 times longer than its competitor.

Macbooks Screen Resolution

Macbooks have very good screen resolution compared to other laptops around their price range.

Take the Macbook Air for example. It has a 1600p display and yes you can find laptops that have a higher resolution display but they cost a lot more.

Lucas Coulson Owner of NationalPcBuilder

The Macbook Air has a screen resolution of 1600p means that the display is 2560 x 1600 pixels; while you have a normal laptop that usually only has a 1080p display which is 1920 x 1080. When putting these two displays next to each other you can really see the difference in how much better the Macbook Air looks.

Not only that, but to add to it the Macbook Pro has an even better display than the Macbook Air. Apple’s “Retina Display” is said to make brighter whites and deeper blacks for a more natural viewing experience. As well as their P3 backlighting makes for a more vibrant green and red colors.

Pair that along with the technology of the Macbook Pro that makes the white color match the temperature of the light around you. This makes for a much better and more natural screen viewing experience.

Macbooks Microphone

Next, you have the microphone and we are talking about the microphone on the new Macbook Pro. This microphone is said to provide studio-quality audio, without the need for an expensive microphone and studio.

Macbooks Cross-Compatibility

As I mentioned earlier you are able to save, share, and transfer data and files between your Macbook and iPhone almost instantly. This can be done Via Apple’s Airdrop or through their iCloud service.

Apple’s iCloud service allows you to have access to everything because it is saved through a Cloud. It is completely free and all you have to do is create an Apple ID. After that, you can upgrade to a higher version that provides you with more storage so you can save and share files across all your Apple devices

Macbooks Reliability

One thing I like about the Macbook is that you can use it for years and it will work just fine. The only thing you might have to replace after a couple of years is the battery, but other than that you really won’t need to worry about your Macbook breaking down for a long time.

Macbooks Antivirus

One of the most underrated things about the Macbook is the Antivirus. Unlike most antiviruses that you have to pay hundreds of dollars for the Macbook comes preinstalled with its own antivirus software that works very well and is the reason why Macbooks are known for never getting viruses.

With most antivirus software they tend to slow down your computer or laptop and in the end, they don’t feel like they are really worth it.

However, with Apple’s antivirus software on the Macbook, you can see that it doesn’t really affect performance which is one reason why the Macbook loads so fast.

Macbooks OS

Macbooks OS is very easy to set up and allows you to connect to other Apple devices previously mentioned. The MacBooks OS is very user-friendly and is easy to learn even if you are new to using a laptop, which makes it such a good choice

Included Apps

The Macbook offers a variety of different apps and software that come preinstalled on your Macbook when purchased. This includes iMovie, Garage Band, and a few more.

If you decide to pay a little bit more and get the education bundle you will be able to get apps like Final Cut Pro which is a more advanced video editing software than iMovie, LogicPro, Compressor, and a few more.

Macbooks Gaming Experience

The one big downside with Macbooks is the gaming experience because the Macbook isn’t compatible with many games, so if you want a good gaming laptop then don’t buy a Macbook and invest your money elsewhere.

MacBook Price

Another downside of the Macbook is the price. Apple is known for having expensive tech and the Macbook is no different as even the cheapest model costs over $1000. However, you can still buy a Macbook at an affordable price if you opt for the previous year’s model or a refurbished Mac.

Macbooks Specs

One of the reasons why the Macbook is considered to be overpriced is because the specs are a bit lower than the specs of other laptops in the same price range. Although you should keep in mind that when you are looking to buy a Macbook you aren’t just buying a laptop you are really buying into Apple’s ecosystem of products, so if you already own an Apple product it’s better to buy a Macbook if you want better compatibility.

Final Thoughts on If a Macbook Is Worth It

Macbooks are great laptops for the workplace and school. If you are looking for a good workstation laptop and are already comfortable with using other Apple products such as the iPhone, or Apple Watch, then you will be more than happy with a Macbook.

If it were up to me I would purchase the Macbook Air just because it comes in at a more affordable price and works on the same level as any other higher-end laptop, but if you want to get the full experience and all the features that a Macbook has to offer than the Macbook Pro is also a good choice.

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