Are Cheap PC Case Fans Good?

Whether you are building a brand new PC or just need to increase some airflow throughout your computer, Having a good set of case fans can help you do this. Now, it is worth noting that PC case fans can be quite pricey, some fans being even more expensive than the PC case itself, but of course, there are many cheaper options out there.

This leaves us with the question. Are cheap PC case fans any good?

Cheap RGB Case Fans

Cheap case fans often offer lower quality airflow throughout your PC, make more noise, and have a lower max RPM. However, you are able to purchase more fans for a cheaper price which can make up for all of these disadvantages. Cheap fans often have a much lower life expectancy, but can be good if you’re on a budget.

There are many different factors you have to consider when buying “cheap” case fans, but in reality, these fans might just be the right choice for you.

Are Cheap Case Fans Worth It?

There are many fans out there that are deemed as “cheap”, but you can actually get a good amount of airflow into your computer with fans that are low budget.

Most cheap case fans especially the ones included with low-quality cases tend to have short lifespans around 30000 hours of use. Comparing that to more high-quality case fans such as those made by companies like Noctua can see anywhere from 100000 – 200000 hours of use. This is a very big difference in life expectancy.

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However, 30000 hours of use is still a long time, especially for a budget case fan.

With most budget case fans you will usually be able to buy multiple for a small price amount which will allow you to replace the fans as they slowly get worn out.

Furthermore, if your PC case allows for extra fan slots then you might as well use them. By having more fans running at slower speeds you will be able to get the same low temperatures as running fewer fans at higher speeds.

budget case fans I use in my pc

Due to the fans not working as hard they will also have a longer life expectancy and you will get sufficient cooling equal to higher-end cooling fans.

How Much Of A Difference Does The Case Fan Make?

If you are comparing very low-budget case fans to very high-budget fans then you see a noticeable difference comparing the cooling efficiency fan for fan.

However, because lower-budget fans cost less you will be able to buy more fans for a better price. Having the extra fans will make up for the fact that the individual fan itself isn’t as good as a higher quality one from Noctua or other case fan companies.

If you are looking to purchase just one case from a company like Noctua the fan can cost anywhere from $20 – $50, but if you purchase a budget fan you are paying around $20 for a set of 4-5 fans.

In my opinion, having 4-5 fans cooling your PC is better than having 1 really good fan cooling your PC.

Now if you are able to afford a few of the better case fans for a higher-end build then go for it as they will give you better sound and air quality.

One thing about more expensive fans is that they are much quieter when they are running and will be able to push a lot more air out.

However, if you can’t afford this just go for the budget option of getting multiple fans for less as this will give you the most sufficient cooling.

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What Fan Speed Should Your Fans Be Running At?

If you are setting up case fans on your computer you should try to aim for running them at around 2/3’s of their maximum fan speed for the best efficiency.

However, if you want a more quiet PC build then run your fans at just 1/3 of their maximum fan speed and you can add an extra fan to make up for the lack of airflow in your system due to the lower speeds of the case fans.

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